Language Learning Platform

Can Be User for Free

Pay or Say: Yarrow is free if you complete some simple tasks for the platform. Or you can pay.

For Any Language Levels

Up to Advanced level. Extensive courses cover all the nuances of languages. Created with GenAI, enhanced by the community 

Highly Efficient

Spaced Repetition method helps you remember everything. Unique exercises for Fluency.


Yarrow is implemented as a chatbot for Telegram Messenger at the moment and it is available on mobile phones, desktops and web-browsers. You can start your lesson on mobile phone and continue it on desktop seamlessly.

If you have Telegram already installed then registration at Yarrow will take you only one minute. Just send a message to the bot using links below and answer a couple of questions.


The number of languages to learn grows rapidly thanks to Yarrow community and AI. Please find all available courses here.


Yarrow community is the most important part of the platform. To support Yarrow you can pay money for it or you can help improve the courses: the chatbot can give you some simple tasks in your native language like this:

So you Pay or Say. This is a new principle of using the app for free instead of watching annoying ads.

Yarrow collects voices from the community and primarily uses them in the language courses. Every word and sentence in Yarrow is accompanied by several voices with different speed, accents, sometimes with noises to prepare you for real life. 

Voices are also used for training AI to recognize speech including accents and dialects, and eventually this AI will help you in the language courses. You train AI, AI trains you.


If you have any questions please read FAQ or email

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